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Heh. :p [21 Jun 2007|11:50pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

*Cracks his neck* Yawn.

Summer sucks. :)

And I keep wondering.. "Am I unstable?" ...I ask myself that all the time now.

Yet, all it comes out with is a blank. *Sighs* I hate being 18.

Uh, 2006. Reminescence of it. However you spill it. ;/ [01 Jan 2007|12:02am]
[ mood | content ]

Well, this will be public (For once, surprise surprise) and any "flaming", profanity, etcetc.. will be deleted asap. :x (Which will probably be tomorrow).

So anyways, my little tidbits and rants and etc will come later, right now let me just say this.

2006 > 2005.

2005 had more junk in it, and if you ever want to hear it.. well for those non-friends on here.. remind me later. :p

Now for 2006!

January.. got adapted to my living style; crude, cramp, and most of all.. not a room. It was alright though; since I got somewhere to live, right? ;/

During that time.. I believe I was "flrting" with.. eh. x.o; Quite a number of people, since it was like, a year of singleness (GASP!) So yeah.. lots of people who went on and off of my love list. x.x Including Mardi/Kristen, who some of you may know :o (Not that many, just my LJ friends and some others.)

Anyways.. skipping onwards since the "love" life isn't that dramatic this year. XD; My birthday, 17th, was.. okay. Not great, but ok. It went alright, mmk. Not as worse as my 16th but eh. Could've went better, yeah.

March - May - June was nothing big. School work, school, everything went normal. Was more active on Runescape than Furcadia. Hell, I believe thats where I stepped off of Furcadia and started to let my characters decay. Haha. Still have my Male though. Mrawl. <3

July - August was Summer. Summer was interesting. I stayed up all night and played Runescape. Yay. ;_; More Runescape, listening to Noctournal State, wasting power. Woohoo. Snoresville.

September - FINALLY something happens. School gets here, and I immediately switch out of AP Government. I hate Government. I hate it itititititititititititifdjgjdfgjdfghjdfghdfjghdfg. Kay done. So my schedule went alright. 3 AP classes and I'm ok. :p

October - Mrowl. This is where IRC comes in, and this is where the big highlight of my area comes to. During the previous months, I was browsing Irc channels.. and I stumbled upon my ex-clan's server, Gladiatorz.. so I went there. Lo and behold, friends were flourishing there. =p And I got a nice welcome, aside from my previous event with one of the higher ranked people. >>;; But anyways, during this time; I stumbled upon a friend of a friend, Travis' friend, Kovu.. or better yet, Chris. I could've sworn I met him earlier, and tbh.. I still think I did, with Jorden and on RS last year. So really, it was just a remembering moment. So eventually we talked more and more.. and mrowl. <3

November - RS + Chris. Nuff said. <3

December - Christmas, or Chrismas (for me xD Corny I know) was great.. except I really was dying for Chris to be there. Even with my games, Guitar Hero 2, FF12, DDR SuperNova & Extreme 2, and DDR Drum Set.. I didn't feel complete. ): I wanted him there with me, but meh. Can't get what you want sometimes, life. Eh. </3 This year will be eventful... the turning of the big 1-8. College, visits, friends, freedom at last... <3333 HAPPY NEW YEARS ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT. :O PS: Justin Autos. ~Derek P Nelson~

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Ha. ):! [27 Jun 2006|11:29pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

...Okay so I was bored, and decided to play some FFR.

Seeing as I was low 46 credits.. I decided to play my combo high song, Song of the Nihonjin or w/e...


I got 700 combo.. I was like: Sweet.. 20+ credits there.

Then 800... Me: ...Wow. o.O;

Finally.. 900, and I spazzed, got 912, and missed an arrow. Snap. >/.. got 25 credits for it. <3

Max combo in FFR now: 912. <3!!!!

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...Wow [09 Jan 2006|06:10am]
[ mood | content ]

...I forgot how good a poptart can be when toasted...Brings back memories. <3...

...And yes, a poptart DOES deserve a post of its own. ;(

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Lmao... [03 Jan 2006|06:33am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Wow, I feel weird.

I woke up at 3:30, set my alart for 4:12, went back to sleep...

4:12, alarm for 4:30, then 4:50, then 5:20, then 6...Gave me a lot of dreams ironicly.

...Which, were quite connected.

But school is coming, so I tell later, kbye. :3


2005. [31 Dec 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Alright, I know its not time for -MY- 2006 year start...But I'm doing it early.

2005 was.. alright. </sarcasm>

The start of it was a breakup of my ex-girlfriend, Cookie/Krystal, as some people know. During that time, I was depressed, moaning, and crying out for attention. Yeah, so that went on for awhile...Eventually during summer, I went over to my sister's and Joe's house, and they knocked some sense into me while we played on the metal pad of DDRness...That was the best 2/3(?) weeks ever there...Then I had to go home, and summer was basicly boring...

Until the end. I get thrown out of a corner in a room, to an OFFICE. Okay. I get another, a bit bigger, corner room. Yay...Then we move again, two doors over, and I get a storage place...Weeee. FUN! So I've been here for quite some time...

And lessie, that would be September, so lets see...School starts, I talk to people, bla bla. Forced into a relationship, broke up with her (Thank god!), and onto November!

...Last Thanksgiving, holiday I had with Heather. I cried, seriously when she left with Jaime. I couldn't contain it. Now I'm just inching to crying just typing this...November after Thanksgiving was basicly worrying about Heather.

December, just before Heather left, we went to see Rent, okay, that was EXCELLENT BUT...It made me cry. Damnit. Then Heather left, and I cried even more. I still cry. Christmas...I always kept looking to my right, the empty seat, kept imagining Heather was there, but she wasn't...And now, as I'm reading over recent events, my sister is suffering in where she's living, god damnit. Why can't the world be small, so we could walk up to the cafe on Maple Street, and have a good time? Fuck. X(

Got a new computer, and Rent Soundtrack, hurrah...But is 2005 good? No. It has been hell. Let all us hope that '06 is much better. =/

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Short update [25 Dec 2005|03:02pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

...I got a new computer + Rent Soundtrack. omfg...I love Rent <3

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And thus, DDR memories begin [19 Dec 2005|03:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]

...Yeah, I'm going to Boomers tomorrow. Woohoo. Gonna DDR and do all that..

Yes, I'll try and get back my A on Legend of MAX...(Yes Joe, you own me in MAX's), I can't even get an A on my own favorite MAX song. xD;

Oh well, I'll try my best tomorrow, and enjoy the DDRness and fun. x:

I'll probably think about Heather and Joe though, and our 'competitions' between each other.. They weren't competitions, they were just friendly DDR versus matches. Haha.

So yeah, lets see if I still am used to metal pads...-twaddles off to wait for friend's responses-


As for a small update... [15 Dec 2005|06:28am]
[ mood | calm ]

I saw 'A Christmas Carol' twice yesterday..

First was the play-version...I must say, the spirits...Were very, off. :/ The 'Past' spirits, there was 3 of them, and they were seductive. Okay...oo; The second one I MUST say was very off.. He was an airforce pilot. >_> The future one however, was cool. :D...

As for the characters, Scrooge and Tiny Tim was the main ones I liked.. Scrooge for his many personalities, and Tiny Tim being so adorable...Yes, Tiny Tim was adorable k. D:

He sang, Tiny Tim sang and it was high-pitched! xD Is so cute. And when Scrooge saw the family after Tiny Tim I cried. ;;...

So yea, the play was excellent.

The TV edition, I liked too, except Tiny Tim didn't have a big influence on that one...The spirits were better though.

...And god damnit, I still want to go watch Rent again. ;_; -asks dad if he could go to see Rent- ...Bleh. xD

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Haha. xD [15 Dec 2005|06:23am]
[ mood | calm ]

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Friday I helped friskierkitty across the street (6 points). In July I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). In August I committed genocide... Sorry about that, elvenking34 (-5000 points). Last Wednesday I turned cookiepower in for tearing the tag off a mattress (3 points). In May I put gum in riffeh's hair (-12 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5002 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Erm, genocide is THAT bad? -5000 points? o.m.g. xD;
...Haha, I put gum in Steph's hair. x3
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And just for those public viewee's [14 Dec 2005|03:27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Like, 3/4 of the posts you'll see are humor. 1/4 will be old news, which is basicly not considered news, and some of the 1/4, like 1/20 of the 1/4 is still help today. So yeah. Feel free to browse. oo;


Oh em gee [25 Oct 2005|07:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

One word: Camp Penelton.

I'll update later what about it...Right now, time for some sleep. =x

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Weeee...Drama strikes again! [20 Oct 2005|09:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Lol yup, Drama play I was in just...30 mins ago. :D

Lets start off by saying this...3 hours in ONE classroom is boring. k...Had to arrive at 5:00, we performed at 7:45, and I left at 8:20ish. :x

Second...I had to wear makeup. -gag-. Lipstick and eye-liner = Anti-Derek, thx.

Thirdly, I messed up in the end of the play. Lmao...Not as bad as breaking the mug like someone did, but it was funny...

-pivot- Me alone: L--!
Rest after 3 seconds: Like she said!

I was like: omgwtf.

So yea, it was fun. :D Overall that is

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Ok ok...Now I know what they mean when rain makes roads slippery [17 Oct 2005|06:22pm]
[ mood | :(! ]

Today was like no other, I actually had to ride my bike during the rainfall. Yay.

It was alright I must say, downhill I had no problem, turns no problem, sight nada...Sidewalk and street going downhill...Oh god.

First I get to the top of a steep hill, and I turn up to 5th gear automatically...Bad mistake.

I start going downhill, and I'm heading towards the right turn lane...Try my breaks, they no work, I just keep on going faster and faster...

So right turn was not an option...I was spazzing so I kept going straight, right for the streetlight pole...xD; I didn't realize the light for my direction was green, but I swerved left and went down the hill...Eventually allowing me to break down...And then I turned, almost did a flip-over, but thankfully I slowed even more down...

I went through a street, tons of water, and my front tire was low, so I was swerving this way and that, getting myself all wet. Yum...

Rain + Bike = Bad. :(


[04 Oct 2005|04:04pm]
She has seen it.


Jus to fill ya in [15 Apr 2005|08:18am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Today after school, I'll be going over to Brad's...So just to notify, I'll be gone for today, and tomorrow until around...8PM. =x...

So yeah, just to let ya know...I'll update LJ when I get back.


QUIZ OMFG [02 Apr 2005|03:09pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||| 43%
Stability |||||||||||||||| 63%
Orderliness |||||| 26%
Empathy |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Interdependence |||||||||||| 43%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||| 63%
Mystical |||||| 30%
Artistic |||||||||||||| 56%
Religious |||||||||| 36%
Hedonism || 10%
Materialism |||||| 23%
Narcissism |||||||||||| 43%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 50%
Work ethic |||||||||||| 43%
Self absorbed |||||| 23%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||| 50%
Need to dominate |||||||||| 36%
Romantic |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Avoidant |||||||||| 36%
Anti-authority || 10%
Wealth |||||| 23%
Dependency |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Change averse |||||||||||| 50%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Individuality |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Sexuality |||||||||||||| 56%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||| 50%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Food indulgent |||||||||||||||| 63%
Histrionic |||||| 23%
Paranoia |||||||||||||| 56%
Vanity |||||||||||| 50%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||| 56%
Female cliche |||| 16%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com

Wtf plz.

Female thing...16% OMG. D< <///3
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Meh [08 Mar 2005|08:45pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Dido - White Flag

" I know you think that I shouldn't still love you or tell you that.
But if I didn't say it well I'd still have felt it,
where's the sense in that
I promise I'm not trying to make your life harder
Or return to where we were but

I will go down with this ship,
And I won't put my ends up and surrender...
There will be no white flag above my door.
I'm in love, and always will be.

I know I left too much mess and destruction to come back again
And I caused but nothing but trouble,
I understand if you can't talk to me again
And if you live by the rules of "it's over" then I'm sure that that makes sense

But I will go down with this ship,
And I won't put my ends up and surrender...
There will be no white flag above my door.
I'm in love, and always will be.

And when we meet, which I'm sure we will
All that was there, will be there still
I'll let it pass, and hold my tongue
And you will think, that I've moved on....

I will go down with this ship and I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door,
I'm in love and always will be

I will go down with this ship and I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door,
I'm in love and always will be

I will go down with this ship and I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door,
I'm in love and always will be..."

So true song right now...Its how I feel right now. =/

Love you, and I damn do still...


Guh... [04 Mar 2005|11:05pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

*Pounds head on monitor*

Why do I have to be leaking my feelings out about Krys so suddenly towards her?
My heart wants her to be mine again, but I want her to have her alone time!

The letter issue?
I quoted 2 comments from it, maybe its useless now? No, it still has poetry on it and I'm not throwing away my work. -.-

But tonight, ohh boy, it was big...I spilled tears all over the keyboard because of Krystal.
I don't want to be a stalker, but god, it sure seems like it.
Can I help it? Not really, my heart loves her, my mind says stay away let her have away time,
And myself says to talk to her as a friend. Conflict everywhere.
And I don't want to lose touch with her either! Might lose her totally there like I did in the relationship. Gah. e.e

Too much stress I say, but its worth it after Krystal's alone time...Whenever that ends that is. Probably gonna be a month or so. *Gulps* Well, week 1 is over. Yay. ;.;

Hope I can manage with her just being a friend. ><;
Also...Without her, I found my inspiration has gone away. I can't play Runescape for more than 30 minutes a day now. Gasp. Thats bad for my standards.
Furcadia I go on and just talk to Aluma or anyone around me that I know. Haha. :(
Everything else? Basicly I talk to Krystal online...

Ohhh boy, this weekend will be great </sarcasm>
Just one start of it led to flooding of tears, lets see day 2. @.@

Least its not ignoring I say. Meh.

As for the cheeree's...
Jord has helped me a little,
Josh = None
Kat = Didn't ask.
Kristen = So-so help. :X
Furcadia = More comfort there so eh, soso.

Nothing else has helped me. School is hating, everything in there I hate in school.

Okay I'm going to bed before I cry again>

Night, everyone.

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Mm, time for it to update. [28 Feb 2005|01:30pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

9 Days approaching, and I miss her still.

As for other news. Fullmetal Alchemist: and the Broken Angel is myne. Mmm, pretty good game, yet..It seems like its ending too quick? XD;

And I got JAKII, I like the hover board, shush. >:(

But still, those games don't put me off of the computer. I still miss her, and I still want to talk to her.

I know I was stupid, I know I was...

I was a year ago, and still am...
Yet, she still loved me, even though I was immature 75% of the time I was with her..
Even though I was in the 'perverse' era of life, she still put through with it...
And when my perverse era ended, she breaks up with me, not because of that, but because of my idiotcy. :) Now she says she's the bitch? No, no, and a million times no, I'm..The bitch.
I was the one who was stupid,
I was the one who didn't converse,
I was the one who didn't ask if I could join her on Runescape (Half-fault there, she could've asked me too if I wanted to join her.)
But yet, she's making me break my promise, my only 16th Birthday wish...Promise.
I promised when I turn 16, there would be a new Derek waiting her, a trustful one who would converse with her and hang around with her more often...
And as soon as I came back, I break the trust one promise...Bam.
But yet, I still want to hang out with her. Yesterday:

Me: Hey Krys. How was your weekend?
Me: Krystal...
Me: Fine...Can I come hang out with you?!
Me: -.-...Krystal
Me: v.v...Krystal, talk to me.
Me: I thought you said I was your friend, yet you are a hypocrite? Going back on your word about just being a friend..

There was pauses for responses, lots of them...Yet, she ignored me fully.

I still have the promise not broken.
1/2 of my 16th wish that is...
The trust one? Hah, how can I trust her when she's ignoring me. Lalala.
The hanging out one? Hah, how can I hang out with her when she's blocking me?
So.. Really, she's breaking my promises by herself.
Though, the trust one is my fault. *Shrugs*

Love you Krys, and still do.

~Derek, aka, the fool/bitch


I miss her


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